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Centre of Academic Excellence (CoAE):

Centre of Academic Excellence (CoAE) was established in April 2015 is a distinguishing hallmark of Equitas Gurukul group of schools  that aims to support students, teachers & school leaders in enabling them to impart holistic education effectively.

It works from the EDIT head office in Chennai and comprises of a team of subject experts led by a Centre Head.



  • To provide a framework of Gurukul holistic education through scholastic & co-scholastic curriculum in alignment with state directives.
  • Mentor & monitor the Gurukul curriculum implementation across all Equitas Gurukuls and Gurukul partnership schools to meet expected standards.
  • Ensure that all our students will receive the same standard of high quality holistic education across Gurukuls.



  1. Provide support to teachers to enhance the students’ progress & performance:
  • Centre creates and shares comprehensive lesson plans incorporating Activity Based Learning (ABL) & VAK teaching styles, additional content for concept clarity & application to real life contexts with schools .
  • Enable teachers to map their teaching to students’ learning styles,
  • Deliver lessons in our Gurukul schools on need basis to support syllabus completion.
  • Conduct demo classes for model teaching. Prepare teaching videos on select topics for teachers to watch and learn for effective class delivery.
  • Monitor student performances across Gurukuls and provide effective corrective and preventive measures as required.
  1. Provide support for formative & summative assessments:
  • Worksheets & question papers for formative and summative assessments like class tests, End of unit tests, Midterm and  Term end assessments are created centrally in adherence to the assessment outcomes as outlined by the government.
  • Multi-level worksheets to address the needs of both progressive & gifted learners are created and shared unit wise.
  1. Teacher development & training:
  • Face to face training, orientations through video conferencing, class observations & one to one feedback mechanisms are a key function of the Centre.
  • Observe teachers’ classes to coach, monitor and review the academic implementation process for alignment with the Gurukul holistic approach to curriculum and provide feedback to teachers and school leaders.
  • Develop teachers through learning modules on new trends in pedagogies and conduct teacher assessments periodically to develop core subject competency.
  • Train teachers through the English Language Immersion Program for effective communication skills.
  • Centre conducts the English Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA) for all teachers annually to assess the impact of the yearlong classes in enhancing our teachers’ language proficiency in each of the four skills namely ‘Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing’. Gurukul Management recognises the efforts of teachers who qualify with a 3 rating and above in each of the skills.
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