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The Gurukul learner’s world @ Equitas :

Children at Equitas Gurukuls begin their day with a warm and cheerful welcome from their teacher at the school gate. They then participate in an interactive assembly that begins with the prayer, followed by the song ‘where the mind is free’ from Tagore’s Gitanjali. Quiz sessions, thought for the day, environment awareness, English & Tamil language development and value education sessions are conducted on different days of the week in which all children participate.

Post the assembly, children settle into their classes and the whole school undertakes a 10-minute transcendental meditation. The day’s schedule is planned to have one mid-morning short break of 10 minutes and a lunch break of 30 minutes.

Children enjoy bringing their food as per ‘My plate chart’. Every class has to ensure that they bring a combination of foods that are nutritious and healthy. The academic classes are interspaced with co-scholastic periods – library time, art & craft, physical education, music, dance and yoga classes that provide stimulus variation.

A typical day has both theory and practical classes with a host of activities that make learning interesting. In the evening, another 10-minute session of meditation is conducted prior to dispersal. Post dispersal, after school activities like Silambam, Karate, special classes for competitive exams, enrichment classes, Hindi classes and Foundation IIT classes are conducted for those interested.

The working Saturdays are a treat to our children with a lot of fun activities in the various clubs. Every Equitasian is seen to be a happy and enthusiastic learner with high energy levels and a love for school that keeps them at school even long after dispersal.

Teacher’s Life @ Gurukuls:

  • The Gurukul teacher is more a facilitator than a teacher is.
  • He/she experiences a sense of care, comfort and security , a work place that is filled with opportunities for learning.
  • Receives ample opportunities to enhance one’s identity through personal and professional development.
  • Has enormous support systems that ensures a healthy work-life balance.
  • Outstanding teacher engagement through celebrations, effective people practices and the culture of a familial environment.

Professional development for teachers:

  • Equitas Gurukul extends on the job training to all teachers on a regular and periodic basis. A total of 120 hours of quality training time is set out for their professional development. Principals, Block coordinator’s, Subject experts  from Gurukul Centre of Academic Excellence, Chennai conduct workshops.
  • Special training is imparted to all our teachers on curriculum delivery, class room management and assessment tools and techniques. This enables the teachers  to plan a more meaningful class that will keep the children engaged in learning.
  • Our teachers are also trained in soft skills like interpersonal relationships, the EQ (Emotional Quotient), classroom management, Stress Management, Team Work, parent engagement, concept of multiple intelligence.

Parent information:

Parents play a partnership role in enhancing the learning curve of children. Their support and involvement in all our endeavours is very essential and much appreciated. As partners to the mutual cause of educating and transforming the yound minds , a few guidelines are presented below that will contribute towards a more mutually satisfying  association.

Support solicited from parents:

  • Ensure that children are present in school on all the reopening days.
  • Render support to your wards to have continuity in conceptual learning by ensuring that children attend school on all working days unless they are sick.
  • Plan holiday trips and vacation only during the scheduled term end vacations in September, December and April-May.
  • Facilitate your wards to come to school as per prescribed uniform and develop the habit of appropriate dressing.
  • Partner with school to foster habits of regularity & punctuality, the foundation to good character building.
  • School is a second home to our children. Encourage children to share ownership of the school and care for their school property as their own.
  • Plan and meet the teachers on the scheduled weekly meeting days as per the timings given and enable teacher’s to utilise their time to plan their lessons for the next day.
  • Your child feels proud to see you among the other parents during school events that solicit your presence. Please do participate and make your child happy.
  • Connecting with teachers during an emergency is very important but kindly seek the Principal’s consent.
  • Staying connected is an important safety measure. Please update the class teacher with all the relevant personal information, especially a change of address or and telephone numbers
  • Stay updated through all the communications that we send from school and let us know that you have read our circulars by endorsing them.
  • Student handbook is the key medium of communication between the school and you. Kindly go through the daily notes every day and acknowledge.
  • Complement the school’s philosophy by urging your wards to align to the principles guided by the school to help them grow into  responsible individuals
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