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1.  After school sports:

  • An extracurricular activity that all the Gurukuls undertake. Some of the courses are chargeable.
  • Trained professionals conduct the activities between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.
  • Silambam, Judo and Karate are conducted to train interested and talented children to represent in district, state and national level.

2.  English Language Learning:

  • Gurukul believes that it is important for our students and teachers to be proficient in English language.
  • Magic English from Karadi path serves as a tool to develop language learning across all Gurukuls for students of KG-Std V.
  • Every Gurukul has a ‘Joy of Reading’ club. Members of this club are readers who share their book reviews or narrate the stories during assemblies and in-class activities. This develops spoken English skills and builds their vocabulary. Children are also encouraged to submit their book reviews in written format. The student whose review is awarded as the best book review is called upon the stage during the school assembly and applauded. The write up is also published on the school display.

3. Field Trips:

  • Experiential learning enables children to explore and understand from their own experiences.
  • Students are taken on field visits as per the themes of classroom study.
  • Visits to super market, fire station, post office, gym, park, etc. are few of the places that kindergarten and primary children are taken to.
  • The middle and high school children are taken to planetariums, water recycling centres, museums, exhibitions, book fairs, etc.

4. Performing arts:

  • Trained teachers conduct dance, drama and mime classes.These provide students with opportunities for self-expression and learning.

5. Art & Craft:

  • Kindergarten and Primary school students are engaged in art and craft activities during the art class conducted every week.
  • This helps in developing their fine motor skills as well as creative expression.

6. Brass band & uniformed troupes:

  • Students are trained for playing the school band .They may be seen in action during state and national festivals and special days when they escort the guests with a true guard of honour.
  • Students are also encouraged to enrol in Scouts & Guides, Road safety patrol, Junior Red Cross Society and National Cadet Corps.

7. Transcendental Meditation classes :

  • Held every year, wherein trainers from Maharishi Vidyalaya are invited to train students and teachers in this form of meditation.
  • All Gurukuls religiously practice a 10-minute meditation time every morning and evening. This fosters concentration and memory in our children.

8. Community service programmes

  • Gurukul students engage in service to community through medical camps, awareness programs, campaigns and rallies.
  • This develops qualities of empathy and care for family and neighbourhood and makes them aware of their social responsibilities.

9. Health and Wellness Clubs

  • An activity conducted every Wednesday to promote awareness of healthy living as well as alert students to any health hazards that break out in the locality.
  • Students are counselled on the suitable preventive measures to be taken.

10. Equitas Gurukul Leaders Club

  • An initiative where teachers and principals read inspiring books together and share their views and experiences. The club meets once a month.
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