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Prathiba Sangamam:

This is a confluence of myriad talents of students in sports, arts and culture from across all our Gurukuls and hence is more popularly known as Inter Gurukul Sports & talent fiesta.  It is a 3-day event planned to be held at Chennai or in one of the Gurukuls. The first two days is assigned for the sports meet. This event nurtures the sports talent among our children. It is also a platform for all students to show case their flexibility, endurance and speed for which they have been systematically trained through a rigorous physical education program.

The third day is the talent fiesta day. Students begin their talent exploration by presenting before the school assemblies, intra school celebrations, intra Gurukul talent fiesta and then get to participate in the Inter Gurukul talent Fiesta. The school that wins the most number of awards in all the events put together is declared as the champion. Competitions conducted are aimed at nurturing skills and talents in creativity, performing arts, public speaking and general knowledge. This is also a great platform through which students learn social, emotional skills while they work together in teams collaboratively.

Investiture Ceremony:

Every year the student council is elected by the voting system and the office bearers are ceremoniously sworn in. July marks the month of investiture ceremony. The elected leaders of the school- SPL, ASPL and sports captains take their oaths to discharge their duties and deliver their responsibilities. They pledge to uphold the principles, rules and regulations of the school and be role models to their fellow students.

Color Day:

Learning colors is a lovely experience for our kindergarten kids as they celebrate Color Day for each term in which they collect and display things in that specific color. This enables them to identify and connect the names of the things in their surroundings to their colors.

Food Festival:

Food is one of the three most important needs of a human being. It is also an aspect of one’s culture. Our children learn unity in diversity by celebrating the food festival. This is the day when both teachers and children bring a variety of food prepared in their homes and share a potluck together.

Teacher’s Day:

Equitas joins with the nation in celebrating Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday on 5th September, every year. Respect for teachers and their contribution is imbibed in our children, who with great zeal celebrate the day by planning a cultural fiesta. Students also take this opportunity to felicitate all their teachers and make their day memorable by expressing the virtues of each teacher through small couplets.

Children’s Day:

14th of November, every year is a day of fun and joy as Equitasians celebrate Children’s day. Our teachers organise a variety of games, music and dance programs to entertain the children and make them feel special.

Grand parent’s day :

In this fast-paced generation of nuclear families, schools share a major responsibility to reinforce the value of elders in our families and their significance in our lives. Kindergarten children take great pleasure in inviting the grandparents for a celebration. They prepare the invitation cards personally and display a host of music and dance performances. The emotional high point of the day is the salutation moment – “Padha Puja” ceremony where the tiny tots express their respect by the traditional washing of the feet and paying respects to their grandparents to seek their blessings.

National and International Festivals:

As an institution of universal and egalitarian values, we joyfully cherish and celebrate all national festivals – Independence Day, Republic Day and important regional festivals like Vijayadashami, Krishna Jayanthi, Ganesha Chaturthi, Onam, Navratri, Ramzan, Deepavali, Christmas, and Pongal. This nurtures unity among our diverse population. Cultural events that signify each festival are planned and displayed so that children imbibe the values at this tender age and learn to respect all the religions and live in harmony.

We also celebrate a few international days to highlight their importance and significance in our children’s life. World environment day, International Yoga day, International day of peace are a few of the days celebrated at Equitas.

Equitas Edu fair:

Another trendsetter for the Equitas children is the Equitas EDU fair. This is an amalgamation of the intelligences of both the left & right brain. Students and teachers together plan the fair well in advance to organise the EXPO. Neighbourhood schools and parents are invited to the EXPO to visit, learn and share.

Children across classes participate in this zealously and present models and projects.

The charisma of Mathematics is brought out through the active participation of our learners in the Equitas Math Mela, a significant section of edu fair. Who said Math is daunting! It is simply simple and exhilarating. Math trail, Math rap, Matricks, math model, collage, math challenge, matho’genius are a few of the activities that students enjoy participating.

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