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  • Gurukul will engage with parents actively right from the time of registration when they are oriented thoroughly about Gurukul, sharing our philosophy & our expectations from them.
  • The engagements shall be to orient parents on initiatives or school happenings, to provide feedback on student’s progress and performance.
  • The school Principal shall conduct Parent Orientations (PO) at least 4 times a year- 1. Admission 2. Before start of new academic session- separate sessions for new parents & existing parents 3.Every term beginning. 4. Closure of academic year.
  • Parent teacher Meetings (PTM) will be conducted once a month on Saturdays to share an update on the students’ learning progress as well as any concerns that needs their attention with suggestions for possible ways to handle the same, new announcements & school achievements.
  • Open Houses shall be conducted 6 times a year, after every midterm & term end assessment.
  • Schools shall communicate the date and details of ‘Parent Teacher interactions’ at least one week in advance through the student diary in bilingual language, so that parents can make themselves available.
  • Every Gurukul has a PTA – Parent Teacher Association that serves as an interactive platform among the key stakeholders of the parents, teachers and school. Mutual collaboration between parents and school instils a sense of ownership and helps in student’s development at large.
  • A proactive PTA
    • Shares the school mission and vision and strive to achieve together
    • Supports school programs and provides appropriate feedback
    • Shares responsibility of our student’s development by promoting a home environment that compliments that of the school.
    • Partner with school ( volunteer for teacher substitution for temporary leave vacancy, support during events, field trips etc, being/ sourcing resource persons for guest lectures)

Gurukul expectations from our parents:

Education is a shared responsibility undertaken by the school management, Principal, teachers and parents, the key stakeholders in ensuring our mission accomplishment. We appreciate the trust that our parents place in us and we wish to honour them to the fullest possible. ‘Together we achieve more’ is more than a common adage. Below are a few supports that we seek from our parents.

  • Uphold your child’s dignity at all times
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Respect the school system by following the school norms.
  • Believe in your child’s individuality. Do not compare or compete with others.
  • Provide a conducive learning environment at home.
  • Plan and spend quality time with your child on a regular basis
  • Display healthy habits and living
  • Be appropriately dressed when you visit school.
  • Attend school PTM’s regularly and take part  in your child’s learning
  • Respond with suitable action to communications shared by the school.
  • Stay connected and involve in the school’s activities.

Let us each commit to do our bit for our children, their future and our society.

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