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  1. School timings:


    Monday to Friday 9am – 2:50pm
    Saturday & Sunday Holiday

Daily Schedule

    Morning Prayer 9.10am – 9:25am
    Morning Meditation 9.30am – 9:40am
    Lunch Hours 12.30pm – 1:10pm
    Evening Meditation 4.00pm – 4:10pm

Office Timing

    Office Hours 9.00am – 5.00pm

I to XII

    Monday to Friday 9am – 4:10pm
    1st or 3rd Saturday 9am – 4:10pm
    Sunday Holiday
  1. Books:
  • Equitas Gurukul adopts the textbooks published by Tamil Nadu textbook and educational services corporation as per State syllabus for core subjects for class I-XII.
  • School shall issue notebooks, workbooks and textbooks during the month of May, prior to start of the academic session.
  • Kindergarten students are guided by the Gurukul Thematic Curriculum. Their books comprise of student activity books & workbooks term wise. School issues the books in the month of May.


  1. Uniform

Parents can procure Gurukul school uniform from any of the shops in their locality. School shall provide a list of shops within the local area (10-15 km radius), from where parents can buy the uniform materials.

Gurukul students shall follow the following norms:

  • Come to school in clean, neatly pressed school uniform on all working days.
  • Possess at least two sets of regular uniform and one set of sports uniform.
  • Foot wear- Black school uniform shoes (Bata or  Action )
  • Boys should wear belts provided by school ONLY.
  • Hair style:
    • Boys: cropped hair neatly oiled and combed. Hair colour not permitted.
    • Girls: For hair longer than shoulders, oil and comb into double plaits, Shoulder length hair to be combed into 2 pony tails. Black colour ribbons to be used for tying. No fringes on the forehead permitted.
  • Jewellery: Gold ornaments not permitted. Girls can wear only small studs or tops for earrings. Hangings not allowed.
  • Defaulters will be given three warnings by PET beyond which school shall initiate disciplinary action.


  1. Fee payment:
  • Equitas Gurukul shall charge fee amounts as approved by the fee fixation committee, for private schools, Chennai and shall vary from school to school, based on infrastructure, co-scholastic programs, number of students & teachers and the economy of the location.
  • Fees are applicable to all students, except for those admitted under RTE seats and for students who have been granted scholarship or sponsorship or merit awards.
  • School shall connect annual fees for the entire academic year. Where parents are unable to pay annual fees, the same shall be paid term wise.
    • For term I- June to September, fees shall be paid on or before 15th June.
    • For term 2-October- January, fees shall be paid on or before 10th September
    • For term 3- February to May, fees shall be paid on or before 10th January.
  • Every year, the fee shall be increased by a range of 10% -12% from fee amounts of the respective classes of the previous academic year.
  • Schools shall communicate about the revisions in the fee structure, payment mode & timeline during the 3rd term Parent teacher meeting in April.
  • Notifications vide official circulars & SMS alerts will be sent to parents during the months of April, August & December for fee remittance timelines.
  • Fee payment shall be received only in the form of DD, swipe machine- debit/credit card or on line payment through payment gateway in our website. There will be no cash transaction.


  1. Examination
  • Midterm tests and term end assessments are two formal exams.
  • Attendance is mandatory on the days of exam.
  • No re- tests will be conducted
  • Absentees during exams must get approval of their leave from Principal  ONLY
  • Students will report to their exam hall before the bell rings.
  • Strict action will be taken against students who are observed to do any malpractice –having unauthorised papers, copying from bench mates, using mobile , in the exam hall.
  • Students are not allowed to borrow stationery from their bench mates during exam.
  • School shall provide the answer papers to students for midterm & term end exams.
  • Students shall not write anything on the question paper apart from their name, roll number and class.


  1. Library :
  • School has a well-equipped library.
  • Students can use it between 9.30 am and  00pm
  • Only one book can be issued at a time
  • Borrowers will have to pay a fine of Rs.2 per day if books are not returned on time.
  • If a book from a series is lost or damaged, the borrower has to replace the whole series.


  1. Result & promotion
  • A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory to be promoted to next class.
  • The qualifying percentage to be awarded a PASS is 35% in each subject.
  • Promotion to higher class is purely based on the continuous and comprehensive academic performance of the student throughout the year.
  • Results once declared is final. The school will not entertain any modifications.


  1. Open House:
  • Results of midterm & term end exams will be shared during ‘Open House’ that will be conducted two weeks after the completion of assessments.
  • Answer scripts will be shown to parents and students for I & II term exams only.
  • Dates for open House will be announced vide circular through mobile sms and student diary.


  1. Withdrawal
  • Application for transfer certificate (TC) should be submitted to the school Principal only, clearly stating the reason for the same along with the stipulated fee.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks is required for processing the TC request.
  • TC will be issued only if all fee dues are cleared.
  1. Communication:
  • School will issues circulars as and when necessary to convey the important messages and notifications.
  • SMS will be sent to parents through bulk SMS system for any urgent intimation.
  • PTM’s are held regularly to share important information pertaining to both school and the progress of
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