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  • Self-Discipline is the foundation to building a sound character and Equitas Gurukul takes every effort to ensure that students understand their responsibility towards imbibing this very important life skill.
  • Equitas Gurukul (EG) believes in establishing rules that are WIN-WIN arrangements for both students and school there by fostering ownership and accountability.
  • Gurukuls shall recognise and reward students who exhibit good discipline on a monthly, term and annual basis as per the rewards and recognition guideline.
  • Where conducts or misbehaviours of students are serious like those that cause injury to peers or adults, or damage to school property or bullying, sexual abuse or defaming character and theft, the school Management shall view these as a serious default and initiate disciplinary action that could be to the extent of suspension or termination of the student.

Every Gurukul student shall be a disciple to the following commandments.

  1. Be kind & courteous:
    • Speak politely – Learn to use ‘please, sorry, thank you.’
    • Listen when others speak.
    • Respect others views.
    • Do not hurt others by words or action.
    • Do not bully younger children or children who are less strong than you.
    • Do not use fowl words or abusive language
  2. Be punctual & regular
    • Be present in school on all working days.
    • Arrive in time while coming to school or assembly or exam or going for PT classes or any event or activity.
    • Complete tasks assigned within timelines.
  3. Eat right and live healthy
    • Eat a hearty breakfast.
    • Follow ‘My plate chart’ for meal menu
    • Avoid junk food
    • Exercise regularly by active participation in Yoga & PT classes
    • Engage in recreational activities
    • Rest well at night for at least 8 hours
  4. Respect school and property
    • Uphold the school core values.
    • Adhere to school policies outlined for students.
    • Conserve water, power & other resources.
    • Take care of fixtures & furniture.
    • Keep the school/ class neat and clean
  5. Participate in all school activities
    • Participate actively in class,
    • Engage actively in ‘we learn, I learn & class activities.
  6. Take accountability.
    • Accept responsibility by being resourceful. ( shall volunteer to be a leader or take charge for various activities like class cleanliness, notebook collection etc)
    • Takes ownership for his/ her learning & behaviour
    • Discharges all the duties of a student efficiently
  7. Respect nature and live in harmony with it.
    • Use resources judiciously
    • Imbibe 3 R’s – reduce, reuse & recycle
    • Preserve nature by not doing things that harm it.
  8. Speak in English only at all times while at school.
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