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Holistic education
Holistic education in its truest sense is an education that addresses the development of the whole person and goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom, transforming the learner at knowledge, attitude & practice levels. At Gurukul, we endeavour to offer holistic education through an integrated set of learning experiences that addresses the students’ needs in all the four aspects of self namely-   Body (Physical), Mind (Mental), Heart (Emotional / Social) and Spirit (Spiritual).
Gurukul Holistic approach:
The educational approach at Gurukul is developed in alignment with National & State educational policy. We lead every learner to understand that they are a part of the whole and thus develop them into individuals with a global conscience, with a vision of peace, love, and intelligence.

Our curriculum approach enables students to not only achieve grade level learning outcomes in core subjects but also develops them holistically by imbibing the following character & personality traits.

  1. Respect ones’ body by developing fitness and healthy eating & living habits.
  2. Be curious , creative  and critical thinkers
  3. Develop collaborative &  communicative skills
  4. Take ownership and responsibility for ones’ learning and improve performance by setting goals.
  5. Accept one self and understand that each one of us is unique in our own ways.
  6. Manage situations, peer pressure and relationships positively by making decisions aligned to principles.
  7. Be empathetic & compassionate towards fellow people.
  8. Respect nature and live in harmony with it.
  9. Admiration and respect for life and for the unknown source of life.
  10. Living and celebrating one’s life to the fullest in a more meaningful and responsible way.

These qualities are achieved through the four strands of learning namely

  • Learning to be fit and healthy (Body)
  • Learning to know and do (Mind)
  • Learning to live together (Heart)
  • Learning to be responsible & to contribute (Spirit)


The Gurukul Prathibha Sangamam- Inter Gurukul sports & talent Fiesta, Alumni Club- Career guidance & counselling , Vaatsalya – A program for progressive learners,  Thalir Thiran Thittam- life skills program,  and Karadi Path- Learning English the mother tongue way,  are some of the  programs that support the achievement of the above outcomes.

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