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Learning to be fit and healthy
Our goals:
  • Develop strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Develop an understanding of appropriate basic rules, tactics and strategies of major & minor games
  • Develop healthy eating habits and a healthy life style
  • Character building through sports- Sportsmanship, managing failures and learning to live by rules at both play &   in life.


Gurukul activities for Physical Development:

  • Well framed PE curriculum aligned to National Curriculum Framework
  • Regular PE classes both theory & practical by trained PE teachers.
  • Games taught: Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Volleyball , Throw ball and athletics.
  • Special Yoga Instructors are engaged to conduct regular Yoga classes. The sessions help promote flexibility, develop composure and concentration.
  • Every student at Equitas Gurukul is monitored through a health card that is updated periodically once in a term to ensure physical wellness.
  • Health & Nutrition Awards and recognitions to encourage students to practice eating nutritious food and actively participate in physical training classes.
  • ‘After school sports’ is an extracurricular activity that all the Gurukuls undertake. Silambam, Karate, Judo, volleyball, throw ball, athletics are some of the sports activities conducted to train interested and talented children to represent in district, state and national level.
  • Health and Wellness Clubs are instituted in all our schools, which conducts activities on a weekly basis to create awareness of healthy living as well as alert students to any health hazards and the suitable preventive measures to be taken.
  • Clinical assessment/ Health check-up at start & end of year of every student ensures timely identification of health issues and appropriate remedies.
  • A one of its kind, unrivalled Gurukul concept is the Physical Education student Performance matrix of effort & result. This model sets a list of performance goals that students take specific efforts in the form of pre-determined effort goals to achieve the result goals. Students are assessed through structured metrics for their performance that ensures their health and fitness. Appropriate remedial measures and follow up are initiated based on the performance levels of students individually.
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