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Learning to Live Together:

‘Learning to Live Together’ involves the development of social skills and values such as respect, concern for others,  inter-personal skills, and appreciation for  the fundamental principle of interdependence. Students shall learn to overcome biases, discrimination and fear in order to live life in peace and harmony.

Our goals:

  • To help students appreciate the diversity of the human race and an awareness of the similarities between, and the interdependence of, all humans.
  • To instil the habits of kindness, love, compassion and respect towards self and others, their cultures and value systems.
  • Nurture abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that will enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.
  • Help children develop their emotional quotient through activities that help in managing stress, managing emotions and resisting peer pressure.


Gurukul activities for social- emotional development:

  • The ‘No book day’ is observed on every third Saturday, where students engage in different clubs and participate in activities of their choice and interest. Eco club, joy of reading club, science club, math club, art club are established to give students opportunities to work together.
  • Competitions and team events are conducted so that students can connect with each other irrespective of any barriers and work unitedly.
  • Co-scholastic learning at Gurukuls nurture creativity & talent in students by providing opportunities for self-expression and learning through music, dance, art & craft. Trained teachers conduct regular classes for art, craft and dance. The talent and skill is effervescent during their presentations in school celebrations & Annual Day.
  • Art & Craft: Students of Primary are engaged in weekly art and craft during the art class. These help in developing gross motor and fine motor skills as well as self-expression.
  • School morning assemblies, talent fiestas, sports days and annual days, the many little cultural celebrations of national and international significance, provide many opportunities for developing the social and emotional competencies.
  • Classes for brass band training are conducted and children are seen in action during state and national festivals and special days.
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