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Learning to know & do 

This involves the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills required to function in the world and live our life successfully.

Our goals:

  • Provide concept clarity in core subject learning interfaced with interdisciplinary themes viz health & civic literacy, environment literacy and global awareness.
  • Foster educational excellence through learning approaches that develop the skills of creativity, critical thinking & problem solving, collaboration, communication and decision-making.
  • Encourage learners to engage and experience, think beyond the classroom, and apply the learnt concepts in real life situations.


Gurukul activities For Mind Development:

  • Curriculum is delivered through VAK (Visual, Aural & kinaesthetic) instructional strategies facilitated by CoAE that encourages students to engage actively, ask questions, participate in learning experiences and make their own conclusions.
  • The ‘We learn’ &’ I learn’ activities, project based learning, field visits and seminars leads our learners to own their learning by spurring them to conduct research & discussions.
  • The periodic formative & summative assessments nurtures responsibility in learners to develop study habits and serves as check points for learning achievements & taking corrective measures for bridging learning gaps.
  • Goal setting and working consciously towards achieving them paves way to more and more students taking ownership for their learning.
  • Participation in competitive exams builds their cognitive capacities to think critically & reason, develops creativity as students find new solutions.
  • Project based learning, field visits, laboratory experiences; group activities provide platforms for collaborative learning and allows for students to apply their learnt knowledge & understanding of concepts in similar or new situations leading to acquisition of new knowledge & understanding that is more sustainable, being the result of one’s own discovery.
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