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Learning to be responsible and to contribute

This talks about learning to be human, through acquisition of knowledge, skills and values conducive to personality development in its intellectual, moral, cultural and physical dimensions. It is learning to belong to the whole. It is the discovery of one’s own being and an appreciation of the inherent value that makes one wiser through self-knowledge.

Our goals:

  • To develop every child’s ‘spirit’ – by developing his/her sense of identity and uniqueness.
  • To transform our learners to be responsible individuals by helping them to align with principles.
  • To instil and inculcate the habits of service to community and promote good actions.
  • To nurture leadership skills in every Gurukul child.


Gurukul activities for spiritual development:

  • School daily assembly is a life science period where all Gurukul students come together to participate and understand their duties and responsibilities.
  • Yoga & Transcendental meditation supports students to imbibe the habits of self -reflection and develop concentration.
  • Students are encouraged to respect their body and be healthy by eating right, maintaining ones’ hygiene, resting adequately, participating in games & play and relaxing well.
  • School provides platforms for students to explore their potential in various scholastic & co-scholastic domains. Teachers support to identify and nurture them and facilitate greater achievements thereby building self-confidence & esteem.
  • Students enrol in community service squads like Scouts & Guides, Junior Red Cross Society, Road Safety Patrol and National Cadet Corp. These activities develop myriad qualities like community service, self-discipline, accountability, realisation of duties towards the country.
  • Character and personality building is done through story-telling sessions, role-plays, group discussions, debates, declamations, quiz, reciting Thirukkural quotes and many more such activities that promote spiritual development.
  • Students are involved in community awareness programmes like medical camps, health and sanitation campaigns and rallies. The exposure to people around them helps to develop qualities of empathy and care for self and others and makes them aware of their social responsibilities.
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