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Equitas Gurukuls are designed to have a school infrastructure equipped with all facilities and amenities in total adherence to the regulatory norms of the Tamil Nadu State Education Department.  The school building comprises of two floors, with the Kindergarten and Lower primary classes in the ground floor, and classes III and above are accommodated on the first and second floors.


Classrooms: Spacious, well-ventilated and sunlit classrooms of dimensions 20 x 20 feet with double entries, wide chalkboards, and comfortable age appropriate classroom furniture, storage shelves and ample display walls to showcase the student’s  work as well as provide a rich learning environment.


Science labs: Separate labs of dimensions 20 x 30 feet each for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are constructed and are fully equipped as outlined by the TN state syllabus requirement.


Computer Science lab: Every Gurukul has two ICT labs, one for class I-X and the other for class XI & XII.  Both labs are equipped with working computers in sufficient numbers as per student batch strength. The labs are provided with internet connectivity and all curriculum-based software are installed in their original versions.


Math lab: Teaching abstract concepts in mathematics through Math lab kits helps to transform them conveniently into concrete elements making math learning joyful. Students learn Math without fear and look forward to trying out their ideas through the various math kit components and models.


Rest rooms: Gurukul ensures that students provided with good hygiene through effective sanitation and toilet facilities. Each floor has two restrooms one each for boys & girls on the opposite ends of the floor. The boys’ restroom houses about 15 urinals, while the girls’ restrooms have about 12-15 individual toilets. These restrooms are maintained through periodic washing & disinfecting. Incinerators are installed in every girls’ restroom and are periodically monitored for working to ensure hygiene & sanitation.


Library: An institution is identified with the quality of infrastructure it provides. All Gurukuls have well stocked libraries with subject related books, reference books, educational journals, novels, storybook series, periodicals and newspapers catering to the requirements of all grades. Reading for language development is encouraged with a plethora of reading series of different Lexile levels. The serene ambience of our library is inviting to both, the voracious reader as well as a beginner. Equitas focusses on inculcating a reading habit in our children that will make them lifelong learners.


Audio-Visual rooms: Every Gurukul has a digital classroom of dimension 20 x 30 feet for conducting classes using multimedia resources for teaching and reinforcement classes. This is equipped with a projector and a home theatre system for good sound and picture quality. A unique support at our Gurukuls is the state of art AV room especially developed for video conferencing. All the teachers and principals can connect with the Centre for Academic Excellence or Management to have active discussions.


Play area and playground: A colourful and safe play area for Kindergarten children with swings, seesaw, slides, rope climbing and other similar equipment that foster gross motor development of the pre-schoolers. A well-levelled & designed playground is a special feature of every Gurukul.


Resource Room:  Extending support and timely intervention to progressive learners is a focus point of all Gurukuls, considering that students require individual support because of the multifarious environmental challenges they face. The resource room is equipped with concrete teaching learning materials- puzzles, peg

boards, sand paper tracers, flash cards, 2d & 3d objects, games, story cards , letters & number cards , AV resources etc . A qualified and experienced counsellor facilitates enables the students having learning difficulties. The school principal, teachers and parents, work together for the betterment of the child.


Day care Centre: Equitas Gurukuls are the pioneers in the school sector for setting up a day care centre within the school. This facility enables our schools to recruit young and passionate teachers who can serve more productively with the knowledge of their babies being well cared for at the Gurukul day care centre. A notable mention here is that this facility is available to our teachers free of cost. A staff and an ayamma take care of the centre.


Auditorium: All Gurukuls have the provision of an open auditorium that serves to be a platform for both the daily assembly as well as the many events of the school, especially the school Annual Day celebrations.


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