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Gifting an education is the biggest blessing that one gets and that gift can change the life of a person and his or her family forever. A well-educated person can bring glory not only to his family but also to the nation. So when you choose to sponsor one such child, she or he might be the first-generation learner from that family. It would be a double delight for that student because your timely help not only assists her or him to start her or his education but also it helps unaffordable parents to realize their dream of putting their child in a good school that would empower the child with solid and holistic education. You could be that angel to bring sunshine in their lives.

How your support can create a world of difference

Getting into Gurukul is just the first of many steps for these children. Most of them are truly keen to study, and have shown reasonably consistent performance over time, but are unable to continue their education due to their family’s financial constraints, resulting in them discontinuing their education.

1.) Equitas Vidhya Fund : A scholarship scheme for poor children.

Your generous contribution to Equitas Vidhya Fund will help poor students in the form of scholarship,  to manage half of their tuition fees and thus enable them to continue their education without any break. Please be that change to brighten their lives.

Details of scholarship amounts  per year per student:

·         Block 1:Classes I-V – Rs.7500

·         Block 2: Classes VI-VIII- Rs.8750

·         Block 3: Classes IX-X- Rs.10,250

·         Block 4: Classes XI-XII- Rs.12,000

·         Others: Any amount starting from Rs.100.

2.) Playground/Sports Scholarship

All work and no play can make anybody dull! That is why our students are encouraged to have playtime between school hours. Your support can help us get necessary sport equipment. Some students who aspire to move to National/International levels drop out due to lack of funds, monies donated here will be used to help them out.

The donation amount is minimum of Rs. 5000 to maximum of Rs. 10000

3.) Digital Classrooms

Gift a class the benefit of smart boards – the digital learning platform. Your support shall benefit a whole class of students to have access to tech-enabled classrooms, enhancing their concept clarity and promote sustained learning through the digital interface.

The donation amount is minimum of Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000.

4.) Lab Equipment

Innovative ideas and sharp minds, here’s the place where our future scientists are discovered. Your support can help purchase new lab equipment that can help  our students explore the world of science through hands on experience.

The donation amount is minimum of Rs. 5000 to maximum of Rs. 25000 per year.

5.) Books

Gift a world of knowledge by sponsoring for books. Be it academic study guides or even notebook and stationary to write, you will help encourage the children to perform better.

The donation amount is minimum of Rs. 2000 to maximum of Rs. 3500 per year.

6.) Snacks

A healthy nutritious snack between classes can help the children power through the day. Your contribution will ensure they are energetic and ready to study well.

The donation amount is minimum of Rs. 750 to maximum of Rs. 1000 per student per month .

7.) Sponsor a Child Education per year

When you sponsor a child, you take care of their educational needs for the entire school year. Your support will create an impeccable and positive impact in the child’s life by giving her or him a sustainable and a happy future.

The donation amount is minimum of Rs. 16000 to maximum of Rs. 25000 per year.

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