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Equitas Gurukul is a place of learning, where the teachers and students are the members of an extended family. Insights from a study conducted in August 2019, while taking an update of our alumni students’ progress – 2017 and 2018, emphasized the need for a proper system to keep in touch with them and guide them as required. This is due to the fact that many students were struggling to complete the courses, due to either economic reasons or other learning challenges. Further, as most of our Alumni were first-gen learners, they lacked appropriate counselling and guidance to help them decide on colleges or courses.

The Equitas Gurukul Alumni Club (EGAC) was instituted in 2019 to ensure that we stay connected with our learners, even after they pass out of our schools after class XII. We extend prompt guidance and necessary support throughout their higher education until they are placed in jobs. It is therefore a meaningful journey of 20 years for every Gurukul student from entry to exit, traversed with many accomplishing milestones with the guidance of the Gurukul team.

Currently, we have 508 Alumni members.

  • To provide counselling, guidance and required assistance to all our students for the right choice of UG course and colleges based on students’ marks.
  • Conduct quarterly orientations to guide the Alumni to enroll in relevant ancillary courses suitable to their UG courses that will enhance their employability skills.
  • To orient Alumni who have completed UG to take up good PG courses.
  • To guide Alumni to good job fairs for placement, after they complete their UG or PG.
  • To guide Alumni aspiring for government jobs to study for public service examinations.

The year 2022 has been a milestone year for Equitas Gurukul, as our alumni batches of years 2017 and 2018 have successfully completed their UG courses. Around 20 alumni have been successfully placed in careers and have started to support their families financially.

  • Ms.N. Sneha of Equitas Gurukul  – Salem Gurukul has done extremely well for herself, as she now works with Nielson IQ.
  • A graduate in BBA with an honours diploma in Computer Applications, Sneha today draws an annual CTC of 3.6 lakhs, making it a game-changer for their family.
  • She makes us and her parents proud. It is very heartening to hear that she is the first graduate in her family. Her father works as a collection agent in a finance company.

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