Our Gurukuls are designed with best-in-class infrastructure as per the regulatory norms of the Tamil Nadu State Education Department, which provides a safe and conducive environment for happy learning.


Gurukul classrooms are built in adherence to the Tamil Nadu Government’s norms.

  • Spacious, sunlit and well-ventilated rooms suitable for group activities and individual desk work.
  • Good learning environment with display boards, wide chalkboards, bookshelves and school bag racks.

Science Labs

Teaching science at Gurukul is through experiential learning methods.

  • Well-equipped separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Students conduct experiments individually and learn from them.
  • Ergonomically designed in bright colours, as per lab safety norms.

Computer Science Lab

Our computer labs enable our students to touch base with the tech world.

  • Full-fledged computer lab with internet and LAN connection.
  • Each lab has 32 computer systems with licensed versions of computer applications and software.
  • The labs enable students to compile and run coded programs, as per their academic curriculum.
  • Supports learners in their research projects and examination preparation.

Maths Lab

Learning Math in Gurukuls is made fun and easy for students.

  • Individual Math kits allow children to learn abstract concepts.
  • Algebraic identities, addition and subtraction through the grouping of tens, ratio and proportion and many more concepts are easily learnt using the Maths kits and activities.


Health and hygiene are the primary physical needs of students and staff, necessary for their mental well-being.

  • Clean and sanitised washrooms
  • Separately designed for girls and boys on every floor with a continuous water facility. 
  • The girls’ restroom is equipped with incinerators to ensure proper sanitary waste disposal.


The Gurukul library is a treasure house of a wide range of books, periodicals, study materials and encyclopaedias. 

  • Includes the book series of Enid Blyton, the mystery series of Nancy Drew and Hardy boys, the inspirational J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series and many such children’s favourites.
  • Every year, the library is updated and replenished with new books.
  • Our library is a great recreational choice for both our voracious readers and excited beginners.

Digital Classrooms

Education through audio-visuals help accelerate the learning process, as a picture or a film communicates a thousand times better.

  • Students learn through simulations, case studies and real-life instances of concept applications.  
  • Enhances concept clarity and helps to apply and reason in different situations.  

Play Area and Playground

Physical fitness is the foundation on which all learning is developed. 

  • The playgrounds are well-designed, with level ground, free of stones and gravel.
  • Basketball and volleyball courts are well-maintained.
  • A kindergarten play area is specially designed for the development of the kids’ gross motor skills.


All the world’s a stage and we are merely players. 

  • Our vast open auditorium sets the perfect ambience that encourages young talent to realise their true potential outside the classrooms.