Centre of Academic Excellence (CoAE)

  • To provide academic assistance to the principals and teachers of various Gurukul schools and enhance the quality of education imparted to the children, we ensure the implementation of a uniform curriculum across all Gurukuls. This ensures that all our children receive the same standard of high-quality holistic education.

CoAE Key Functions

  • The CoAE trains all teachers in preparing clear lesson plans, which are the lifeline of every teacher for the effective translation of the curriculum. Teachers are supported with teaching ideas, concept mapping, subject integration, and innovative teaching methodologies, all of which make a class productive and engaging.
  • The Centre supports schools by conducting result analysis on students' academic performance and baseline and end-line assessments on English language proficiency for both students and teachers to study their progression over the academic year.

  • The continuous hands-on coaching and mentoring by the Centre to enhance teachers' competencies in subject knowledge, skills, and practices pave a growth path for every teacher. This is achieved through meticulous profiling based on their interests, aptitude, and aspirations.
  • The CoAE conducts support programs and discussions through video conferencing, face-to-face workshops, demo classes, micro-teaching, and team-teaching activities for core subject teachers.
  • Curriculum Specialists periodically observe teachers' classes and provide individual feedback and corrective measures to enhance effective class delivery.
  • The Centre anchors the Gurukul program of accelerated learning, which includes foundation courses for IIT and NEET aspirants in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. Additionally, special focused training for class XI and XII aspirants is conducted through online classes across all Gurukuls."