Parent Engagement

Gurukul PTMs enable the parents to know about all the happenings in the school and especially how their wards benefit from the learning in our schools.

  • Equitas Gurukul has a proactive PTA, whose members are elected to serve for one year.
  • The Gurukul PTA works collaboratively with the school team to ensure the smooth functioning of the school, in alignment with its mission and vision.
  • The PTA members meet twice a term to discuss the happenings and resolve any concerns faced by the students, teachers or parents.
  • The PTA also supports school voluntary activities and community service programs. 
  • The School Principal conducts the parent orientations at the start of every term and during the closure of the academic year.
  • Open House shall be conducted after every mid-term and term-end examination.
  • Principal shall inform parents about the PTM dates and schedules through the school ERP portal.
  • Parents can submit their concerns, feedback and suggestions during the PTMs.
  • Provide healthy and nutritious food as per the suggested Gurukul’s ‘My Plate Chart.’
  • Ensure regular attendance in school as every day counts.
  • Send their children in proper school uniforms, as per the school’s schedule.
  • Attend all Parent-Teacher meetings and be aware of their ward’s progress.
  • Support school administration by remitting school fees on time.